Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 12 Uncensored

With being annoyed how the last few episodes of this series have been rushed i really cant complain about this episode..well i could complain about the lack of Junko but im still happy with the way things turned out but i know there is always someone that will disagree with me lol that aside fans of most of the characters should be happy with the episode..well except for Etou fans..but who cares about her anyway


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

On that depressing note of the series being done…

Here is some Comedy for you from our Timer DC

[16:05:41] <DCatalyst> braves gotta tail….wtf lame
[16:06:19] <DCatalyst> well..looks more like hes gotta power cord coming out his ass
[16:07:05] <~Mkohaku> huh?
[16:10:07] <DCatalyst> http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/6338/leopardrawsichibanushir.png
[17:32:01] <~Mkohaku> what the hell does brave have up his ass….
[17:32:45] <TheFantasm> *Laughs*
[17:34:55] <DCatalyst> told ya man, hes gotta frickin power cord up there
[17:35:55] <DCatalyst> proof that brave is gay, how does he recharge? by taking it up the butt
[17:38:46] <~Mkohaku> *Laughs*

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