Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 09 Uncensored

Now that all of the Drama is past lets get onto some good anime here :D Ichiban 09 while it might not have a ton of ecchi moments it does add a lot to the plot and Power Ranger Hiroshi dont show up so thats another plus for all the Junko fans out there like myself you get to enjoy an episode thats all about her then see Sai almost get killed for…well no sense im spoiling things :P but unlike the last episode that was WTF fanservice+Power Rangers

[1:56:19] <+Aistad> Jinto
[1:56:39] <+Aistad> Put in the release post if they don’t like the honorific consistency to come speak to me.
[1:57:02] <+Aistad> I’ll have only one thing to say to them.
[1:57:06] <+Aistad> QQ more plzzz


MU || Torrent


MU || Torrent

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