High School DxD 14

High School DxD - 14 (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.11_[2013.06.03_21.26.03]

Yohohohoho! I’m happy to present the best comedy ecchi battle romance…

I mean High School DxD episode 14 or as some call it ova 02.

Since the shareraw we used had the episode and preview in different videos the whole release in bundled up in a folder just so you guys know.

We will re-release this when we get our hands on the BluRay in 720p and 1080p 10bits.

Lets get right to it then.

Have fun watching.

Note: Xvid will be released soon.

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Translator – Chris

Translation Check – LonerPrime

Timing – LonerPrime

Typesetting – DA

Editing – LonerPrime


Encoding – LonerPrime

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – Nawking for encoding the XviD!

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