High School DxD 09

Sweet, this was faster than last weeks release. :P

ATTENTION: If you wanna help the group by donating, send an email to [email protected] and we will show you what to do please. Thank you.

After donating, download from uploaded.to or depositfiles because they are the only good host who pay for downloads now. :D

720p MKV 8bit

Torrent | ul.to | depositfiles.com | ddlanime

480p XVID v2 8bit

So the preview area in the XviD for some freaking weird reason is messed up.

If you don’t mind not watching the next ep preview then forget the v2 avi.

Torrent | ul.to | depositfiles.com | ddlanime


Sarah – TL, TLc

Azash0 – Timing

DA – K-Timing, Typesetting

RiderLeangle – Editing, QC

RedPepper – Encoding , Distro

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