Fortune Arterial Akai Yakusoku Episode 12 [End]


Finally got this one out, I have no clue what this series is about, but whateva… maybe ill watch it in the distant future when i ran out of watchable anime. Chances are very low that I’m gonna watch it soon but who cares? I’m just spamming this empty post with useless words, coming from a useless faggot that I am just to stretch this post out, even I no one cares about it. It may have several grammer mistakes but who cares? Right nao I’m just bored to hell and what you may be reading right nao is the resutl (if you’re actually reading this useless post). For some reason the torrent was released on nyaa and DA was like: “could someone make the post for fortune arterial, it has been already released”. i just wonder wai he didnt do it himself, but ok, he has bad internetz so I’m doing it nao, as you can see. Also, I really think that our H section has become more popular then this section here which makes me LOLOLOLOL. Well, it’s not a bad thing but okay, we all can live with that except a certain  person in this group whom I donÄt want to mention.  Oh I almost forgot to upload some pic for this post… well since I havent watched Arterial, nor did I work on it (meaning i dont have a raw for this episode), I shall just upload some random pic from Lucky Star which I’m enjoying right after this post here. So CHOO KAWAI~. But anyway, sorry for this needlessly long post but I’m sure most of the ppl won’t enjoy it anyway :P C NYA GUIES!


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waiting for… who?

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