Fall 2012~


Settle down everyone, it’s time for “that” announcement finally.

Howdy folks, it’s that time of the anime world again where seasons change hands and we bid farewell to old titles and make preparations for the new ones. Without stretching this post any further, I present to you, “Subdesu’s FALL Plans 2012” *APPLAUSE*

1) To Love-Ru Darkness: This one has been a confirmed project from our end for a long time now. We refrained from making any detailed announcements till now since we decided to observe how TV stations end up broadcasting it, and it seems it was the right thing to do. This anime started airing on 6th of October but it was a Censored(Refer to “beam of lights over those special parts”) release. An ATX release for the Uncensored(hopefully) version is scheduled for 9th of October and we are awaiting that. If ATX comes through with the “goodies”, then we will then be doing To Love Ru Darkness every week till it ends. Now here is the kicker, since the Uncensored broadcast is delayed by three days we will only be releasing when we get our hands on an ATX raw. That means you guys will have to endure till then. My condolences and may the ecchi power be strong with you.

Update 10/09/2012: In a major update today, I have finally choked someone for the first time in my life. Don’t worry though, the person reached hospital just in time and I am told that he is out of danger now. The reason for my outburst was simple. AT-X betrayed us. Yes we got the raw couple of hours back  and it was filled with light beam censoring which effectively crushed our hopes and dreams. So… what happens now? Simply put, we will not be doing the TV version because this just isn’t worth it. But…

We did make a promise. A promise that we intend to keep. After discussing this development with DAdesu we have finally decided to do something that has never been done in the history of this subgroup. We now intend to do Uncensored BDz of this once they come out. Yes we are not compromising on our ECCHI factor and churn out censored weekly releases. And we would rather do this later than now. So, I formally apologize to our fans who were expecting our release this week but effectively immediately this project is postponed until BD releases.

Scrapped Projects:

1) Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!: This came as a heavy request by a lot of our fans but I think most of these folks do not realize how this series is panning out. For starters the ecchi content on this is not turning the way we thought it would. The story is mostly about how the sister tries to insinuate sexual advances but does not make any progress at all, physically that is. DAdesu actually watched the raw when it came out and dismissed it within 10 minutes. Even I personally watched it and though I would say it’s a cute romantic comedy, it is no where near as ecchi as we at subdesu are used to handling. The biggest turn off, that subdesu group collectively agrees on, is the fact that even though this is an ATX show, there are beams of light censoring everywhere. This is not what we expected of that channel and I am gonna choke someone if they do the same with To Love Ru’s broadcast. Still if the echhi factor elevates in the next episode we might consider, so for now project on hold. Update: We read the manga… no, just NO.

2) Sakura-so no Pet na Kanojo: This is what we had our eyes on as the last show for the season. Basically it’s also the one that I, and a handful of our other fans, requested DAdesu to consider for subbing. The fact that it  feels like a romantic comedy with not much of a “H” factor is discouraging, though we are waiting for the first broadcast to finally make a decision. Still for now, project on hold. Update: A romantic comedy, but honestly I felt it was more like slap stick comedy. Too fast paced, yet too less ecchi. No again.

3) Seitokai No Ichizon: I requested DA to consider this long ago but one thing led to another and it basically vanished from our attention. With these turn of events, we have finally decided to observe this title when it airs on 13th of this month. No promises but we will see. Update: Rejected on the fact that it will need a solid Typesetter to actually tackle this anime properly and unfortunately during our recruitment drive we didn’t get any Typesetters. Sad stuff but it seems this won’t fly either.

4) Girls und Panzer: Another of my requests to DA. But we jointly decided against it once we watched the preview. But since I am a big tank otaku[ I play World of Tanks btw] I finally decided to watch the raw and honestly I feel there might be more than meets the eye to this series. Right now I am pushing hard for this one but let’s see how it goes. Update: Well DA says this is not his kind of thing and honestly gotta do what the boss says. I am pretty sad but a no on this one as well.

So as you can see, not much we were looking forward to this season. It seems it’s an ecchi+action drought this Fall and we at subdesu are sadpandas.png

So… what are we gonna do apart from that one show behind the scenes? Well we decided to do some housecleaning on the side this time

See? My god dat mess…

Yes, from maintaining site links to maintaining the site itself, this whole job has been on the back-burner for a couple of months now. We would like to get around to doing that. This also includes releasing the BD batches that are left so we  finally put the older shows to rest. Also major overhauling work on our Hentai sister site is in order which has been screaming for attention for quite some time now. Basically this Fall we will be catching up on our paper work for the most part. Boring for you? But wait… there’s more!

Well… at least most won’t…

This season we will be heavily concentrating on clearing out the backlog that has been piling up on the releases for our H sister site. That includes release of DvD rips of older titles, subbing requested classic titles apart from the new monthly releases of course. Now this might not be much of a news for Hentai haters but for the staff at subdesu this is some good breather room to catch up and clean out a lot of outstanding work.

With that spirit I leave you with a final treat from our end for anyone who feels disappointed with the Fall anime lineup. We know we are. A picture of our only female Editor in the group, Pyxie… err wait Pixie?! Ehh nevermind the details and just enjoy your epic ecchi pic fix :D


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