Downloading from for USA Residents

Dunno how many people know about proxies, but since is blocking United States IPs we can still us anonymous HTTP
proxies through web browsers in able to download.
There is a website with a list of proxies by some country’s here.
Once you choose a proxy, copy/paste the proxy into the settings of your browser.
For Firefox, (Advanced > Settings)
<img src=”firefox.png”>
For Chrome, (Wrench Icon > Options > Under The Hood > Proxy Settings > (Check Proxy Server Box) > Advanced)
<img src=”chrome.png”>
For IE (Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings)
<img src=”ie.png”>
As long as that country’s proxy you’re using isn’t blocked, you can still download and it counts towards SubDESU.
It basically changes your IP address that connects to into one from the country you pick, as long as that proxy works. It is
a bit slower than connecting via your home connection, but it supports SubDESU.
<img src=”ipandproxy.png”>
The two important parts here are:
The IP: Circled in Black (123.456.78.90 in the example)
The Port: Circled in Red (Goes after the :, 1234 in the example)
Example: 123.456.78.90:1234
Be careful though, the proxies can be slow and unreliable (some will last for hours while others will only last for 20 minutes)
Or if you want a more easier way, use this

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