Digimon Xros Wars II 08

This was Rider’s face when he found out how much work he had to do on the ep.

Well we’re having an issue with being short on timers, so this may be the last episode of Xros Wars II brought to you by SubDESU. If you’re a timer and want to help out keeping the project alive please apply.

Note: We need a temporary PayPal account, if anyone wants to help us with one, send us an email to [email protected] immediately. Specifically one that you the owner do not use so we can have full access to until we sort our own accounts out.


Torrent || FS


Torrent || FS


Scholar – TL, TLc

RiderLeangle – Timing, Editing, QC

Darkstalkers – Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

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