Occult Academy

Occult Academy Episode 03

That’s another face im making right now: the face one does if he doesn’t give a fuck. This pic is for `-` Xvid MU||Torrent||DDL Mkv MU||Torrent||DDL Link deleted? Report it here.

  1. shani-san: Thank you so much for the…

Occult Academy Episode 02

Yeah, that’s how I look like right now as well… Seeing that I never get my Kuroshitsuji eps out on time. Kuroshitsuji 5 has some upload problems, ep 6’s TL is practically done, let’s hope our new encoder did it right. Anyway, another occult episode out in a bit. Xvid MU||Torrent||DDL Mkv MU||Torrent||DDL Link deleted?(…)

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Episode 01

lil late, sorry dudes Dunno much what to write so this will be short: this is our 3rd project, i hope next eps will be done faster. Also, there’s one more project we will do, look forward to it. For now go for the Xvid DDL, MU and Torrent will be up soon, then I(…)

  1. Rafael ~ Alastor: wow, thank you with the news…

  2. blasted489: Yey =). First btw ^^

  3. shani-san: Enjoyed your release! Keep up the…

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