The World God Only Knows

Katsuragi Keima is known on the net as the “Capturing God” because of his ability to capture the hearts of girls in virtual dating sims. But in real life he’s known as ‘Otamegane’ and hates all ‘3D’ girls, believing them inferior to girls of the game world. After unknowingly signing a contract from hell, Elsee, a devil from Hell who has heard of his legendary girl-capturing skills, comes into Keima’s world and tells him about the contract he had made with hell, which is to capture the loose souls who escaped to earth. These spirits only hide in the crevices in women’s hearts, and the only way to get them out is to make the host fall in love so that the gap in the heart will be filled. Keima unwillingly accepts the challenge, because if he doesn’t, he loses his head.

The World God Only Knows 12

And so ends one of our Fall series. Please exit your seats to the left. We thank you for flying Desu-Air, and we hope you enjoyed the trip. Thank you. Xvid Uguu~ Mkv FS||MU||Torrent Link deleted? Report it here.

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The World God Only Knows 08

What is this… I don’t even? I know nothing about this show. I don’t even have a copy on my harddrive. I am only making this post because everyone else is busy. MKV FS||Torrent Xvid DDL||Torrent Link deleted? Report it here.

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The World God Only Knows 06

Now we have episode 06 of Kami which i have no idea what is going on but i figure it must be interesting or we wouldn’t still be putting these out so at some point i need to watch it Xvid MU || Torrent Mkv MU || Torrent Link deleted? Report it here.

The World God Only Knows 04

On to episode four of God which is out a little quicker than normal mostly because the timer got it to me a little quicker than usual and i had more time on a Saturday than i normally do so dont expect it this quick all the time along with a quicker release time we(…)

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The World God Only Knows 03

Episode 03 of Kami a series i plan to watch to watch is long so i might get to it in a month or a few years…as i said below if its a book i will get to it quicker but i do want to thank the guys to the right that have donated(…)