Okinawa. An ordinary high school guy meets an alien girl who has cat ears and tail who came to Earth so she could learn more about it. In the end he decides to bring her home, though living with such creature might not be as easy as it seems.

Asobi ni Iku Yo! OVA

Asobi ni Iku Yo! OVA

Well we did the season 1 together with our friends from Ayako so it’s only fair we sub the ova too, don’t you think so? Anyway the promise of at least a single release everyday either her on the h-side still is being kept, and you guys will love this one. Oh my first post(…)

  1. Tazaki: Thank you so much !!

  2. Lolifox: Oh man! Horny cat girls in…

  3. karlie5114: OMG THANK YOU

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Asobi ni iku yo Episode 12 [END]

So, unfortunately i won’t get to see my cute Eris anymore :( Dudes who worked on this project: Tax_Peace: Translator and Translation Checker XXX (someone who doesn’t want to be mentioned): Translator Choutomi: (Song) Translator Hells_Finest: Translation/ Checker and Timer Aistad: Editor, *Futaba Lover* SpiegelEiXXL:  Karaoke, Typesetter, Encoder PS: Kuroshitsuji translations are done now. You(…)

  1. ranmachua: Hope you guys don't leave out…

  2. miroku2192: Congrats on the completion of Asobi…

  3. tmrider: Could you please link the MU…

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Asobi ni Iku yo Episode 11

No pic, too lazy, and I’m not sure if we should release 7-10 [of Kuroshitsuji] now or wait until I finished Ep. 11? (BTW 12 is already done, only thing missing is the first half of ep 11… so were practically done with this series) What do you guys want? Wait a few days later(…)

  1. miroku2192: I don't get it, i thought…

  2. hells_finest: no, what i mean is we…

  3. Dano: 12 of Asobi isn't even out…

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Asobi ni Iku yo Episode 10

Is that not the cutest thing you ever seen? So second post for me!  My future wife is a big part of this episode, and the plot definitely thickens as well.  I have yet to watch the actual release, but after watching parts of it I’m definitely looking forward to the full episode. Xvid:  MU(…)

  1. Tax_Peace: Delicious flat chest.

  2. kupi: Thx a lot!

  3. Chrisenvoy: Any word on Kuro? :(

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Asobi ni Iku yo Episode 9

So ummmm this is my first post?  And it was really confusing to figure out at first cause Hells couldn’t figure out how to say ‘select all’ or ‘highlight’ the word.  But alas we have Asobi!!!  Except I still have yet to watch the release. :( The pic was chosen due to our encoder EienShouko,(…)

  1. Atosecond: Dibs on Lafiel then.

  2. Tax_Peace: Shotgun Melwin.

  3. Jinto: with Aistad im sure he will…

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Asobi ni iku yo Episode 08

Oh well… Better don’t expect Kuroshitsuji so soon… Ep 7: mostly done; Ep 8: half is done (kinda), and the new ending is beautiful, the song is already finished (karaoke, TL) Im gonna work my ass of on weekend hurray!  (not RL but TLing kuroshitsuji of course :P , rest assured) Xvid MU || Torrent(…)

Asobi ni iku yo Episode 07

Some random pic from a previous ep, too lazy to get the video for one simple screenshot Xvid MU || Torrent Mkv MU || Torrent Link deleted? Report it here.

Asobi ni iku yo Episode 06

Wait, there’s a PS2 game for this series? o.o Xvid MU || Torrent Mkv MU || Torrent And if you got nothing to do anyway while downloading this episode: >watch this and dance along XD< Well, commander`A forgot to add this to his site, and if you ask why he’s become one of his most(…)

Asobi ni iku yo! Episode 05

So I get the chance again to make a post as always nothing important to talk about.. ( umm actually I made the post to show you that awesome pic above :P ) Was really waiting for this ep and am sure everyone will love it :D. Good work from the guys for getting it(…)

  1. Tax_Peace: Hard to believe that Antnia Morfenoss…

Asobi ni iku yo! Episode 04

Hmm that was faster than usual, you can go and thank Tax_Peace for his quicky job. And I dedicate this pic to Choutomi who’s absolutely in love with Tomatsu Haruka and Sphere who also happen to be in this anime series’ cast. Here Cho, feed on this hot pic! PS: He’s still looking for Karamakers(…)

  1. kupi: Thx a lot!

  2. DA: Am so happy right now.. awesome…