Batches Freaking Where?!

Yea… time to bell this kitty it seems.

Sup folks! So recently a flood of “Where are my fucking batches?” opened up in our faces, especially after we completed the release of our final volume of High School DxD. Be it our IRC, people ninjaing other topics or personal messages… you name it and people are using it to confirm the status on our project batches. So finally I decided to give you guys a platform for batch information with this new post. Go nuts here instead. Kindly stop molesting our other posts or… stop molesting the staff for that matter… :P

Seikon No Qwaser Season II => Couple of months back I floated a batch for this anime’s 720p version. At the time we had promised you guys the 1080p as soon as possible.  Since I did not have the 1080p version archived  I ended up leaving the matter in the hands of a staff member who apparently had it on his personal drive. Unfortunately that person is not with us anymore as a staff member and it seems we are now stuck in deep waters without a paddle for this one. Though I am working tirelessly to find someone who has the 1080p version I fear we are unable to give a time frame for this one for now. Inconvenience is deeply regretted and please bear with us.

26/09/2012 Update: Series officially wrapped up with the 1080p batch finally in place.

High School DxD => We finally were able to wrap up this beautiful series and the demand for a batch for this one is quite high. The only reason we don’t have a batch out for this one, is the fact that I want to add the Episode13/OVA also in the batch. Since I only have the 10bit, 1080p archived for  my personal use I have requested our encoders to encode the latest episode in the 10bit flavor as well so we can create a full batch with that. I am currently awaiting the encoder’s response on this and we will update you folks accordingly. For now we are working to get a 720p batch together first. So patience please. Everything in good time :)

Update: We requested our encoders to finish the series in 8bit and 10bit format for both 720 and 1080p respectively. This might take a while folks.

Manyuu Hikenchuu => Recently brought to my attention was this incomplete puppy. Apparently since it was before my time, I had no idea this was still hanging midway. I am now working on getting a batch up for this as soon as possible. Though it might take a while since we will have to request the encoders to do the final episodes for the 1080p version. Let’s see how this goes. For now I am hoping for a speedy and a positive progress.

26/09/2012 Update: 720p batch up. 1080p batch awaiting the final volume from our encoder.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte => This one quite unfortunately is missing from our archives as well. As some of you guys might have assumed already, I wasn’t around when these got released so yea I really don’t have this at all. Once more I am looking for someone who has these in both 720p and 1080p. No time frame can be provided and as again Inconvenience is regretted… deeply.

10/10/2012 Update: Series officially wrapped up with the 1080p and 720p batch finally in place.


Quick Update: Our schedule is quite slammed these days because of the monthly hentais releasing soon and BD volumes coming out for animes. So batches will take a while  but will surely come around. Your patience is most appreciated.

Post Script: After going through the old stuff I came to the conclusion that the previous staff made a boat load of mess on the projects they were working on. Rest assured we will do our best to do damage control and fix broken links if the need arises.

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