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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 12

Woosh, lucky got everything done on time, actually status as at this time shows we can release at any time.. just waiting on Asura to do that.Really got it finished in less than some few minutes after gonzo released lol. Honto? Translation Translation Check Time Edit Quality Check Encode h.264 Encode Xvid Estimate Time…. done(…)

  1. Darknesschaos: man i cant wait!

Macademi WAsshoi Episode 08

[slideshow=6] Woosh, it’s out now… the surprise has been revealed hehehe… okay we’ve got another surprise before the week ends maybe two, who knows lol. Okay enjoy guys. DDL | Torrent [Mp4] DDL | Torrent [H264] Link deleted? Report it here.

  1. takarada: Thanks! Razor sharp HD instead of…

  2. Darknesschaos: which raw was this?

  3. Darknesschaos: oh, and i couldnt stop laughing…

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Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 11

Finallly , i wont even say anything.. Xvid… will be up soon… enjoy. DDL | Torrent [Xvid] DDL | Torrent [H264] //ddl: by darknesschaos :P Link deleted? Report it here.

  1. Kyoushiro: thx for ddl....darknesschaos

  2. DA: Need more encoders.. Asura is taking…

Weekly Surprise Release Na-Na-Naniii?

Surprise!…. Surprise!…. Sur-Damn-Prise! …. hehehe, yeah another anime episode is about to be released, but since it’s a surprise i will like to keep it that way for now and just let you guess about it, it’s an awesome and funny anime, really funny, but it’s not getting subbed like it should be. So Momodaisuki,(…)

  1. Kyoushiro: dunno what kind of anime it…

  2. Darknesschaos: lol cant wait, heh, can only…

  3. Sukotto79: I have no idea, but I…

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Zettai Shougeki Episode 02

Naniii? no status report and all that load of time wasting crap? hehehe, wooosh okay am just as excited as you are for this release.. lol , ecchi, action and ecchi, or and more ecchi. Links below, have fun..wooooooooossshhhh .Hmm nice ehm….. lol DDL | Torrent [Xvid] DDL | Torrent [H264] Link deleted? Report it(…)

  1. Kyoushiro: ddl not up yet?

  2. DA: Asura is working on it.. just…

  3. Kyoushiro: about those anime suggestion...i have an…

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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 11

Woooot, okay it’s like almost done, but we won’t rush things and do any umm. let’s just say unfriendly subs, so just hold on for some time and we will give you the best linebarrel episode up till now *well i think it’s the best episode so far, that’s just me * You will get(…)

  1. Darknesschaos: sweet deal

  2. Kyoushiro: hope for h264 release first :)

  3. Darknesschaos: isnt it always first?

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Zettai Shougeki~Platonic Heart~ Episode 01

[slideshow=3] Guys forgive us, for being late in posting the links here… won’t waste time here you are with the first episode of Zettai Shougeki~Platonic Heart~ have fun. DDL | Torrent [Xvid] DDL | Torrent [H264] Link deleted? Report it here.

  1. Kyoushiro: thx for the megaupload ddl

  2. DA: Mp4 Version will be out later,…

  3. Yamiko: Thanks for subbing ZS ^^ Please…

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Wooot New Project

… “already and they are subbing ecchi anime? man… sheeee” Oh nice of you to join us, so as i was saying, we not here to mess around, umm okay mess around a little bit (about 80% that’s not much ) , but we mean business lol , yeah right. The second of many projects(…)

  1. Kyoushiro: wow...new anime...cant wait for this....ecchi desu

  2. Kyoushiro: if it is up can u…

  3. Nephilim: Hai Kyoushiro we will try and…

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Status Kurogane No Linebarrels Episode 10 Naniii?

NaniI Kure? So we all decided that we will take a little bit time in perfecting everything on the first release so we don’t do v2 and anything that comes with v and a number that’s why you not see this weeks episode of Linebarrel already out lol . Anyway just hold on for some(…)

  1. Darknesschaos: lol, bummer animetake has already beaten…

  2. Nephilim: Yeah saw anime takes release, don't…

  3. Darknesschaos: on top? sounds good to me…

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