Asobi ni Iku Yo! OVA

Well we did the season 1 together with our friends from Ayako so it’s only fair we sub the ova too, don’t you think so? Anyway the promise of at least a single release everyday either her on the h-side still is being kept, and you guys will love this one.

Oh my first post in a freaking long time, banzaii! :P

MKV 1080p

Torrent || MU Part1, Part2, Part3 || FS Part1, Part2, Part3

MKV 720p

Torrent || MU || FS

Xvid{Waiting on Urusai :D}

Torrent || MU || FS


Meow – TL

DA – Timing, Editing

AcDie – Typesetting, Encoding, Distro

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