Yes, we got ourselves into something nasty here { well it got me out of hiding to make a post :D } . Well upon looking into post and statements made by guys from SFW about we “stealing” their subs for Natsu No Arashi Episode 04 and making the timing and everything about that release the worst ever, we, no I would like to officially apologies to them and all fans out there for such a mistake and believe me when I say such mistakes “Won’t Happen Again”.

I could give you lot’s of reasons, tell you how I get my .ass files for these CR projects and how such a thing could have happened and tell you it’s not our fault but am sure no one cares about how it happened :D , well I for one also don’t care.

But what I do know is we going to redo the episode 04 of Natsu No Arashi from scratch and release it agin. As at this moment, episode 04 of Natsu No Arashi, is yet to be released by SubDESU.

Once again am really sorry for this turn of event’s, but it was a mistake and am the one who made it and am sorry for it. Sorry SFW and sorry to everyone.

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