Announcing Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ 04 + 05

You read correct.

This post is the announcement post of the completed 04 and 05 volumes for Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~. The last one released was way back in January.

These 2 releases went through a world of hurt: project stall, new translator, new encoders, new editors, new QCs, and much more.

Even though the drafts scripts were finished way back on May 27, I just finished editing the very last word of script 5 moments ago. Yes, it’s been that much of a fun trip getting these guys done.

You’ll only be getting a 704×400 DVD MKV encode this time around, no XviD (unless there is a high enough depend for it, leave requests in the comments or at #SubDESU) just because it’s SD to begin with.

So enjoy the long awaited 04 and 05! I’ll talk to logos and see if he’s up for doing a 1-5 batch to end the OVA.

update by logos: there will be a batch torrent, i will fix it in a few days (possibly tomorrow).

Platonic Heart 04

DDL | Torrent [H264]

Platonic Heart 05

DDL | Torrent [H264]

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