Advent Of The Winter LineUp: The Return of SubDesu!


Hot Girls x SubDesu x Erection = FAP

Hey folks! To start it off, SubDesu team wishes a very happy Christmas and an awesome new year to all our fans out there.

Now onwards to the main announcement. I would like to keep it short and to the point. Since DA kicked start the release roll of SubDesu with Kenichi OVA 3, it was decided that we also should make the announcement about our plans this Winter. Since most of you already know, we went on a break in the Fall since no Echhi anime worthy of our tastes got aired or if it did a certain channel decided to keep it censored{*tsch*}… but now with the winter line up, we have a new show we intend to pick.

New Show:=:

* => Senran Kagura <=*

AMAL Link => Here

Anidb Link => Here

We sincerely hope this gets aired uncensored unlike TLRD otherwise the Mayan prophecy will come true for sure… even if the date has passed.

BD Status:=:

1) Hagure Yuusha No Estetica: NOT DROPPED. Awaiting encodes from Encoders.

2) Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai?: NOT DROPPED. Awaiting encodes from Encoders.

3) To Love Ru Darkness/OVA: NOT DROPPED. Awaiting encodes from Encoders.

In the beginning our website went nuts. Then later Japan went nuts and created a fucked up law and landed a shit load of uploaders in jail and the BD flow came to a crawling speed and now thanks to the holiday season our encoders are all away celebrating. =| What can I say? Shit happens. Scripts are ready. We just need to mux em in so the moment an encoder shows up, we will have a release.

PS: I know for some of you, the website feels sluggish. We ignored this site for too long trying to fix our hentai site and well… In any case, our experts are on the case. We have a couple of ideas running in our heads like new theme, additional plugins etc. Just wait for us to fix this site now.

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