A lot of New Things…

Welcome to Subdesu.org

Why .org you ask because up intill recently we didnt have access to .com and since im the Tech guy that fixes stuff Da breaks :P we didnt have access to much so i setup a new hosting account using .org both domains will go to the same place so you can use either one you want but i suggest you change your bookmarks to subdesu.org :)

Also as im sure you noticed you must sign up to comment on anything this is so that we can know 100% for sure who is making the posts and if we see anything  too bad we will bad the user and if it gets worse we will ban there ip while we dont mind people talking here or on the forums we would like people to keep it clean and nice

Another new thing is the new Theme which im sure people have noticed its from the FF7 World which has a few different banners DA seems to like the current one with Denzel and Marlene but myself i like the one with the creepy looking  Sephiroth :D

and lastly NO i dont know when the next episode of Seikon is out…so DONT ask it will be done when its done

oh and if your looking to kill time check out Darlinganime.com theres a lot of new anime posted on there daily :)

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