High School DxD NEW BD Vol. 02

Volume 2 is finally here. Sorry for the delay, but these BD’s take time, since some new scenes are added and encoding and uploading takes time. Anyway, here you go. Have fun! Note: Pass for rar is = subdesu We put the files in rar because they were being deleted when we uploaded them. ATTENTION: Check(…)

  1. Guest: What about the subtitles in Vol…

    • Darling: What went wrong with the vol…

      • Guest: Episode 2 @ 5:44 subtitles that…

    • Deafboy91: Issues will be fixed and release…

  2. Tim F.: Thanks a lot I've been Waiting…

  3. vejtornado: looks like the 400p episode 4…

    • Darling: Will have to ask encoder to…

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Maken-Ki! Two 01

Let’s get down to it! A new season and we as usual, we’ve picked the best of the ecchiest. :D But a few things we have to point out, we waited for AT-X version of the first episode to check if there will be any censorship issues, but unfortunately that could not be determined from(…)

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Winter Plans – Maken Ki! 2!

Winter Plans – Maken Ki! 2!

Though we’ve already made our intent clear, consider this more of the official announcement.   We’ve taken a look at what’s coming over Winter and are happy to announce that Maken-Ki! 2 will be our baby for 10 weeks.   Note: I’d love to tell you that’s the finalised version… but it’s tentative for the(…)

High School DxD NEW BD Vol. 01

The first BluRay Volume for High School DxD NEW has arrived! Volume 1 include episodes 1 and 2. So aside from the fact that we have amazing quality and uncensored video to enjoy, these BluRay releases have extra scenes added to all the episodes so it’s like watching the series for the first time. You(…)

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Kiss x Sis OVA 09(10th) DvDRip

And the DvD release is finally here. Now we can enjoy this awesome wincest with better video quality. Have fun! Note: Pass for rar is = subdesu We put the files in rar because they were being deleted when we uploaded. ATTENTION: Check the donation thing at the top right of the site if you wanna(…)

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Kiss x Sis OVA 09(10th)

As usual, since the current raw out there is a really bad quality one we’re releasing this in mp4 version for those who are hounding us to release it. That means this release is for the impatient people out there who want to watch this quickly, if you’re not one of them then please stay(…)

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High School DXD NEW TV Batch

Well here we are with the TV batch of  DxD before we start with the Blu-Ray releases of this Season, so grab a chair and some popcorn and lets watch this in one shot with no bathroom breaks. Also this is just a TV batch if you have noticed any thing wrong with scripts like(…)

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Maken-Ki! OVA 02

And we’re back online again after going some few days without seeing any action. :P So we’ve got one of the sexiest ova’s I’ve ever scene in the form of Maken-Ki ova 2. Just awesome, to say the least. Check it out! Have fun watching. We put the files in rar because they were being(…)

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